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Worldclass Quality Office Furniture

Spending thousands on office furniture only to have it sag or warp in just after year from the time you purchased. Oops!

Office furniture is meant to be sturdy, reliable and long lasting. However, most office furniture today is built from lower grade MFC or MDF boards. These lower grade MFC or MDF boards are made with wood pulp that reacts to water or moisture by swelling. This can warp or twist the furniture, thus affecting its quality of your office furniture.

This can be frustrating for offices who want their business to appear more professional.

Worldclass Office Table Design uses E1 board which was specially treated with a high-end technology moisture resistant resin to prevent swelling, penetration of water and other factors, making your furniture long lasting and better choice for your commercial office furniture.

The thought of having to replace your office furniture may be painful. And then there’s the additional expense and disruption of moving, too. What more if you’re a big size company.

Office furniture delivered to you will be wrapped up in 4 layers of bubble wrap, then shipped, delivered and installed by our professional staff without breaking a sweat! That’s what we mean when we say “we got your back”. We are offering you 10 years warranty on all our office furniture woodworks. to ensure you will get the most from what you invest.

Your office furniture is an investment, which is why we take its protection seriously. We don’t want our customers to have to buy new furniture in less than 10 years.

In case that your office furniture is damage within 10 years’ time, we will be happy to fix or replace the item. E1 grade is more expensive than MFC or MDF board.

However, we feel that you deserve better furniture, and will be willing to pay the price premium for a safe, durable and long lasting piece of furniture.

Our friendly sales team will lead you through the process of office furniture interior designing and installation of ordered items. Rest assured that your office furniture will be delivered high quality and in 7 working days money back guaranteed!
Save your wallet, save your time – just get in touch with us right now!